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Full text of ""The sun do move"; Turner's new idea of solar measurement and motion"

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" The Sun Do Move " 

of Solar /V\casL:;em-in and Monon 

GEO. W.TURNER. Auihor 

Washington. D. C. 

It is the purpose of this book to convey to the public an idea here- 
n presented which I contend to be right from spiritual and physical 

Copyright 1919. by Geo. W. Turner 


( 1 ) The firfst thing we would like to know, ' ' Does the Snn move ? ' ' 
Yes, the Sun moves, also the Moon and Stars except one. That u 
the Star that is known as the North Polar Star, and from this Star 
I get a starting- point, and explain that all the other stars, Snn 
and Moon has a motion. 

i. ASTRONOJM'Y is the most ancient of all sciences. The Bible 
lets us know that m^en of reniiote ancient strive to know something 
about this great subject, about the Sim, Moon and Stars. And 
they must be given honor for what knowledge they have given us 
about this subject, whether correct or not, they did their best. 

If they had not studied the subject and given us what they did, 
then it would have been left for us to do what they have done. I 
give them hondr for their work. 

Th© Prophet AIMOS 5-8 speaks of the Seven Stars and Orion. 
These are the men who laid the foundation of this knowledge. 
Psalm 147-4. ''tie telleth the number of stars; He called them all 
by their names. So God gave them a name. 

Then it is go'od to study this subject that we may know it for 
God knows and he will let all know who he wants to know. Then 
trust him to the fullest and believe in God, and he will not hide 
anything from you. 

Joshua 22-22. ''The Lord God of Gods, the Lord God of Gods," 
He know^eth, and Israel shall know. How are we. to know this. 
God will reveal it unto them that love his name. The attribute of 
God is Life, "Wisdom, Love, Justice and Understanding, and that 
possesses these is God. Then God knows his own handiwork, as God 
made all these things, and will reveal them^ to whom he will. 

Psalm's 19-1 to the 8th verse: The Heavens declare the glory of 
God, and the firmament sheweth his handiwork. Day unto day it 
utter eth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There 
is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard. Their 
line is gone out through all the earth, and their word to the end of 
the world. In them has he set a tabernacle for the Sun, which is 
as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoiceth as a strong 
man to run a race. His going forth is from the end of heaven, and 
his circuit unto the ends of it : and there is nothing hid from the 
heat thereof. 


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This let m,e know that this subject is so arranged that it can be 
'*^. comprehen dec! . 

When men saw the sun come up and g'o down or come in view and 

go out, and that by so doing it would cauce it to be light and dark, 

'^' which is known to be day and night. The day would tell us that 

the sun's circuit is in every twenty-four hours pass around the 

earth from what they call east to west under certain order or system. 

Now we understand this system^ has a circuit and a course. The 
circuit is around the earth and the course is the route it goes around 
the earth. The circuit gives us what is known as middle of the 
day or meridian noon, every twenty-four hours, at the same point 
by varying a iew minutes each day. The day speaks to us and tells 
us this, that the sun has a north and southward course, and that 
course is from and to the same point every 365 days, 6 hours. 9 
minutes, 9 seconds. We are able to learn this any place en earth 
we may live, that is the circuit and course. 

The circuit clay and night, and the course winter and summer, 
equ*l distance, from the ecjuator has eorrespondent weather once 
every 365 davs, 6 hours, 9 minutes, 9 seconds. 

Our ancestors fail to understand ^this subject as we do, as the 
man who has travelled in searching out this subject has learned 
that in the remote north region, that there is a period of about three 
months, that the Sun is not seen at all. This I would call the an- 
nual night, as it only combes once every 365 days, 6 hour^, 9 minutes, 
9 seconds. 

MOON : The Lloon has the same correspondent circuit and course, 
but the Moon makes it in 27 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes. That is 
and about 3 months the Sun is seen eontinually, at the same point 
where it is not seen for three months, after looking into this trying 
to see how this could be the case. If the Earth revolves around 
the Sun in every 24 hours. Also I notice that the Stars they all 
have circuit and a course but one, and it is known as the North 
Polar Star. To get a personal knowledge of them, and the nxore 
I look into the matter or subject, the more I see into the subject, 
until I come to the conclusion that the Earth did not revolve around 
the Sun every twenty-four hours, that cause the day and night. 

I notice the Sun. Moon and Stars. The Sun in circuit moving 
^from East to the West, we e-'et dav and night, and in its course we 



get Winter and Summer in the North and the South temperate 

The Moon on its circuit around the earth from the Eiast to the 
West is about 55 minutes slower than the Sun. This would make 
the. Sun pass the Moon in about 27 days. By this we get what we 
call new Moon or change. This is a change and not a new moon, 
but only called that. 

When I look to the South for a correspondent star for the North 
Polar Star, I do not see any. It alone remains in the same place 
all night, and the last thing before daylight it can be seen in the 
same place. This lets us know that it has no daily motion. 

All other Stars it m^akes no difference how elos3 they may appear 
to it, they all circuit around this North Polar Star. With the natu- 
ral eye some of the Stars appear to be about one yard from the 
North Polar Star, and they go around in the same order and time, 
as the others < do. 

I study the subject from every point and natural way, and my 
conclusion is that the Earth has no daily m>otion nor has the North 
Polar Star. For instance take any revolving object or get a Globe 
as- 1 have done, and try it by revolving it and set object at different 
points turn the globe, and see' what the result will be. 

(2) The Sun has a daily motion each twenty-four hours. It 
passes around the earth until it reaches the point it started from, 
which is called a day, or a day and night. The North Polar star 
remains in its same place, and this lets me know that it is the Sun 
Moving and not the Earth. (See diagram on Page 4, cut 2.) 

(3) Now to see the North Star in the same place and all other 
stars near this star has a motion and it remains still. That shows 
that is has no motion at all. I mean a daily motion as that of 
others. All the others are moving in the same direction including 
the Sun, but some are moving faster than others. By this they 
seem to pass each other. 

(4) The earth ha^ no daily motion that can be discovered. The 
only way it can be proved that the earth stands still is that we see 
the North Star in the same direction. Now for this to be standing 
we would be standing at the center point of the earth, and the 
point is called the North Pole or the Axel. 

To prove this one may take a ball or a globe and run a pole or 
cord through the center, and place other objects around the globe 


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The first thi//^ 
that distanct 
iiile of meas 
it does. AV 
thing that it 
difference h< 
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from us, we 
under the ob 
From this 
called the p 
from a poinj 
we will get 
the angle, oj 
the point to 
begin. The 
this the bas(i 
be, w* ""11 
for a 

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the ^jt-^ 
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or ball points. That will correspond with the countries as they are 
on the earth., and revolve this globe any direction you wish and this 
vv^ould prove that all objects wo ild change with the exception of 
the objects that are above the center part of the pole. 

In explaining this subject to some, each one asks a different 
question about it. Then to give something to the public, I must 
find out what the public wants, then I must give what the public 
ask.3 for. One of the first questions you would or has asked is for 
me to give my mathematical terms to the subject of measuring the 
distance from the earth to sun. My mathematical term is Geometry. 
' ' What is meant by a mathematical term ? ' ' l^Iathematics embraces 
three branches which are, Arithmetic, Geometry, including trigo- 
nometry and conic section, analysis in which letters are uned includ- 
ing Algebra, Analytical Geometry. 

Now^-to begin with this is to explain about the Solar System. The 
first we would like to know is, ''Does the sun move?" Yes, the 
Sun moves and also the Moon moves, and all the Stars except one, 
and that is the star that is loiown as the North Polar Star, and 
from this Star I will get a starting point to explain that all the 
other stars, sun, and moon has a motion. 

The Sun has a daily motion each twenty-four hours it passes 
around the earth to the point it started from, what is called a day 
or a day and night. The North Polar Star remains in its same 
place. This lets me know that it is the Sun moving and not the 
Earth. (See diagrrm on page No. 4, cut No. 2.) 

Now to see the North Polar Star in the same place and all other 
stars near this star has a motion, and it remains still, that gives 
me to know it has no motion at all. I mean a daily motion as that 
of others. The other is moving in the same direction. The Sun 
and all the others but some move faster than others. By this there 
is seen to pass other, as the sun and moon. 

The earth has no daily motion that can be discovered. The only 
way it can be proved that the earth stands still is to explain why 
we see the North Star in the same place. Now for this to be we 
would be standing on the center point of the earth as you would 
take a ball with a hole in its center and put a cord or a rod through 
the hole, and turn the ball. Then place several things in different 
places around the ball you are turning, and see if any one of them 
will ever change its place as long as you only turn the ball. Use 

all turn or revolution for a clay and night and we can soon see what 
the result will be. It will not be the same as it is. 

The Earth or the Solar system it is claimed, the earth revolves 
and the sun stands still, or move only in it obovate, (See diagram 
on page 5, Cut No. 3). For m.ore proof get the globe of the earth 
and revolve as it is supposed to revolve and place some object in 
different places and see what the result will be. This is a way to 
prove that the earth does not revolve. The Sun as it has, we might 
think but it is the Sun that moves ip its daily motion and not the 

Let us take up thi^ matter from this point of view. The. Sun 
passes the moon every twenty-nine days. This is why we get what 
we call a new moon. This would not be the case if the earth was 
revolving, but the earth has no daily motion, but all the planets 
has but one. That is the Noith polar star. Now there is another 
motion the sun and moon and some of the Stars has, but before 
I take up that motion I want to say more about daily motion, and 
how one m'ay know that the Sun, Moon and some of the Stars move 
in their daily motion. In giving this a study one can soon knovr 
that the sun moves. 

Now the Sun and Moon has two motions. They move North and 
South. To move to its extreme distance north and back to its 
extreme distance south and back north, it take 365 days, 8 hours, 
8 minutes and nine seconds. Now it takes the Moon to make a 
complete course north and south motion in 27 days, 7 hours and 
43 mdnutes. The time from new moon to new moon is 29 days. 
If the earth has a revolution motion e^erj 24 hours that would not 
be the case. Now this motion the moon makes in 27 days, and it 
takes the sun 365 days to make it. 

The way to tell or find out this distance is in accordance to this 
diagram as you can see here. This diagram represents the earth 
and its circle is 24,800 in circumference. To find the distance of 
anything that we are unable to reach. The Sun, or i\Ioon or Stars 
We must know how far from the point from where we stand to the 
point directly under the object we want to find its distance. See 
on this diagram as it represents: You may start from the center 
of the circle as this diagram is so arranged and this will give the 
distance from the center to the object. A line is to be on one side 
of the angle and the line that is drawn from the center to the edge 

of the circle. Then from that point we start a line which will 
correspond to represent the observation, and draw this line straight 
to the other line according to the degree of the ohservation. and to 
the point this line will comie into the other line, it will be the dis- 
tance the object is from us. I use the simplest way J. can to let 
one see what I am driving at, or to understand this matter any 
one may try and see if the present idea will hold good on trial, by 
using a circle and draw a line as long as you may want it, and then 
.^tart from, any point you may wish to on this circle, you use as the 
Earth circle in proportion to the miles of the circle and j'ou will 
see what the result w^ill be. Use it all as natural mea-iurement. 

It will be just as you would be able to measure its distance with 
a line. See the diagram, of the earth's circle and the Solar circle, 
and this circle one-fourth of an inch is used as one thousand, thirty- 
three and a third miles. 1,033 1-3 miles. 

Some think the earth cannot be measured (Isaiah 40-12. Who hath 
measured the waters in the hollow of his hand meted out Heaven 
with span and comprehended the dust of the earth in a measure 
and the mountains in scales and the hills in balance? (Job 28-23 
to 28). 

God understandeth the wav thereof and he knoweth the place 
thereof 24 for he looketh to the ends of the earth and seeth under 
the Avhole Heaven. 25 To make the weight for the wdnds ; and he 
weigheth the waters by measure. 

Job-28 — When he made a decree for rain and a wa,y for the light- 
ening of the thunder. 27 — Then did he see it and declare it he 
prepared it yea, and searched it out. Hiow are we to understand 
this by Avisdom, what is wisdom? 

28-28 — And unto m^an he said, Behold the fear of the Lord, that 
is wisdom and to depart, from evil is understanding. 

Jer. 31-37 & 39— Thus saith the Lord. If Heaven above can be 
m.easured and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, 
I will also cast of all seed of Israel for all that they have done, 
saith the Lord. 

39 — And the measuring line shall yet go forth over against it 
upon the hill Gareb and shall compass about to Goath. 

The time has come for all darkness to pass and the true light is 
now shining, so come and walk in this light that ye may be the 



Matt. 5-14 — Ye are the Light of the world, so let your light shine 
before men that they may see your good work and Glorify 3'Oiir 
Father which is in Heaven. 
Job 38-1 

1. Then the Lord answereth Job out of the whirlwind, and said, 
who is this that darkeneth counsel by v^^ords without knowledge? 
Who is that tryest to darken the counsel of God is them that reject 
the teaching of God. this is the day for all things to be made known. 
Job 38-4 

4 Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth 
declare if thou hast understanding who hath laid the measures 
thereof if thou knowest? or who hath stretched the lene upon it? 

5 Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid 
the comer stone thereof ? 

By George W. Turner, 

1311 East Third Street, 

Arsrenta. Ark.